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  • Sunlight Readable Touchscreen:

    Viewpoint offers an infrared touchscreen option that allows users to drive computer functions from the display by simply touching the screen. Our touchscreens utilize an array of infrared sensors around the inside edge of the display. These sensors work together to form a touch sensing network across the front plane of the display. The end result is rugged, sunlight readable touchscreen with "multi-touch" capability that can be operated with or without gloves.

  • Programmable Bezel Buttons:

    Viewpoint offers a “bezel button” option that provides programmable keys around the outside edge of the front of the display. Each key transmits a distinct RS232 signal that can be assign to drive various computer functions from the display.

  • Night Vision:

    Viewpoint offers a night vision options that allows users to view our rugged displays during blackout conditions when night vision goggles are required. Proprietary filters are added to the display backlighting system that remove wavelengths of light that would normally “bloom” the operator’s night vision goggles. The LCDs are modified to meet MIL-STD-3009, Lighting, Aircraft, Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Compatible, Type I, Class B in accordance with Table III, Electronic and electro-optical displays (multicolor) NRb not greater than 1.1x10-8 at 0.5fL. The display NVIS modification is a single mode that is, the LED illuminating rail or rails are filtered at all times. The display operates over a dynamic range required for sunlight readability to low light NVIS operation. Specific chromaticity requirements can be adjusted if necessary.

  • LCD Heater:

    All of the components within Viewpoint’s displays are carefully selected to ensure functionality and extended reliability across an extreme temperature range. Viewpoint’s displays are designed to operate between -20C and 70C. The low end of the operating temperature range can be further extended to -40C by adding internal heaters that keep the LCD warm during low temperature operations.

  • Custom Input Configuration:

    Viewpoint’s rugged displays come standard with a VGA, S-Video, Composite, and Component (RGB) video input. Each of these inputs can be doubled if necessary. Viewpoint is also able to provide a variety of different custom input configurations to meet each customer’s needs.

  • Waterproof Enclosure:

    Viewpoint offers a mechanical packaging option that environmentally seals the rugged display in accordance with various NEMA / Ingress Protection Rating (IP) enclosure standards, including full submersion. This option may be necessary in certain marine display applications.