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David Conkle – President / Owner

Mr. Conkle has been involved in engineering and manufacturing for over 20 years. David graduated from Sewanee University in 1990 with a degree in physics and started his career by joining the Navy as an officer in the nuclear submarine program. David received nuclear engineering training from 1990 until 1992 and was stationed on the USS Florida SSBN 728 from 1993 until 1995. David left the Navy honorably in 1995 after receiving his Naval Nuclear Engineering certification and went to work for IBM as a quality engineer.

David assumed a management position over a team of quality engineers during his third year at IBM. David left IBM in 2000 to obtain a Master in Business Administration and Master in Information Management degree from Arizona State University. After graduate school David went to work for Jabil Circuit, a large contract manufacturer. During his time at Jabil, David designed a global supply chain application for Jabil and managed a $100 million customer account out of Eastern Europe. David left Jabil Circuit in 2007 and worked for a rugged display manufacturer as the Director of Operations before founding Viewpoint Systems. David is proficient in AutoDesk Inventor and is involved in the CAD design work on all products. He is directly involved in the assembly and testing of each display.

Bill Beckur - Lead Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Beckur has 20 years of experience designing application specific flat panel display systems. Bill helped design the "battefield management displays" for the AC-130 gunship and also designed the cockpit instrumentation for the AH-66 Comanche "stealth" helicopter. Bill is proficient in AutoCAD 2009 as well as Autodesk's new 3D solid modeling software, "Inventor".

Mark Zelinski – Lead Electrical Engineer

Mr. Zelinski is an embedded hardware and software design engineer with over twenty years of experience designing analog and digital RF test equipment and microprocessor-based circuits on new products at various companies. Mark spent six years of his career working for a military display provider designing analog and digital video circuits. Mark is highly experienced with FPGA design using Verilog HDL and PCB layout using Protel. He is also well versed in using OrCad Schematic Capture to interface to Protel/Altium DXP, Xilinx Spartan 6, and ChipScope.

John Younce - Lead Machinist

Mr. Younce started his career as a machinist at the Taylor Center Career Center in Taylor, Michigan in 1980. After gaining several years of experience he enlisted in the U.S. Navy as an "A Machinist". During his stint in the Navy he worked as in Inspector in the Quality Assurance department and supervised a team of 35 junior machinists. John was responsible for leading the daily operations of the machine shop which usually involved fabricating and repairing parts for ships, submarines and aircraft. John retired from the Navy in 2005 and has continued working as a machinist in the private sector.